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In case you face any trouble to turn off Pop-up Notifications in Chrome Browser and want help from chrome experts then dial toll-free 0800-098-8424 Chrome Browser Helpline Number.

Top Methods to Turn Off Pop-up Notifications in Chrome Browser


Desktop notifications are the best features of current web browsers. They show reviews of email, football scores or even texts, letting you to take a fast look at updates without leaving the work you are doing. In any case, this can get a bit of overpowering, especially when it includes spam and ads. If too many websites have started to send notifications, or in case you need to close all the noise, you should disable Chrome notifications.


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  • Go to the Settings page of Chrome browser. You can either enter chrome://settings in the search bar and click to Enter or tap hamburger symbol at the Settings.
  • Then you can scroll to the bottom and click on the Show advanced settings tab.
  • Here under the Privacy section you have to click Content settings.
  • Now scroll down to Notifications and pick Do not allow any website to desktop notices.
  •  In case you need to enable a few sites to show notifications, you can hit Ask when a website needs to show desktop notices. Presently websites will show notifications just on the off chance that you permit them to.
  • Afterward tap on Manage exceptions to see the list of websites that you've allowed for notifications. Tap on the X to right of any of these URLs to stop the website from sending notifications.


This process eliminates desktop notifications from sites. In any case, an application or extension can in any case send notifications.


To disable notifications from Google Chrome applications or extensions, try these steps.


For Macintosh

  1. In the menu bar you have to click the bell symbol.
  2. After this you can tap on Gear icon.  
  3. Uncheck applications that you don't need notifications from.


If you want to turn off all Google Chrome notifications, there is a simple method to do as such. In the event that you're working and simply need a temporary break, at that point you can rather right tap on Chrome notifications symbol, and tap on the Do not disturb. This disables all notifications. You can likewise tap on Do not upset for one hour or Do not disturb for one day if you simply need a break from notifications.


This next process will permanently stop all notifications, including email and other messages. If you need those, at that point don't do this. In case you're sure that you have to get rid of all Google Chrome notifications, then continue read on.




  1. Firstly, click on Google Chrome from the top menu.
  2.  Then simply click on the Hide notifications Icon from the drop menu.


When you've done this, Google Chrome will no longer be able to send any notification whatsoever.  For more details, please call our Chrome Browser Helpline Number now.


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