Facing All-in-one Printer Error 1203! How to Fix It?

Quick Overview

Dell, the multinational PC technology company makes desktops, cameras, laptops, HD TVs and other wonderful items. Alongside these items, its printers are likewise demanded over the world. Dell introduced its 1st printer in the era of 2003. The organization self produces their own cartridges and toners. Dell printing range both wired and remote is known for offering customers the best printing experience. Dell printers can do various functions including printing, copying and scanning things. That is the reason they have been called as execution powerhouse.

Despite the fact that Dell all-in-one printers are best in all things, there are chances that you may face a problem while managing these printers. The most well-known blunder among these is Error 1203. In case if you have additionally experienced a similar error code, then this Dell Printer Customer Service Number guide will definitely help you out!


Causes of Dell AIO Error 1203


Dell all-in-one printer 1203 happens when there is some issue in the printer's cartridge. This ends the whole printing operation as the ink probably won't get fall at the exact place into the paper.


Troubleshooting Guide on Dell Error 1203


  • At the starting point, you have to turn off the printer and furthermore remove the power supply from your printer device back.
  • Wait for minute, then re-insert the power supply and afterward turn your DELL printer on
  • After this, check whether the printer still shows blunder 1203
  •  If no, then you have to print a test page
  • In case if it is still available, keep troubleshooting it
  • Then remove the power supply subsequent to shutting down the printer
  • Now open the upper cover of the printer device and move the cartridge carrier to the center of the printer with the assistance of a carrier belt
  • Easily remove the cartridge from the printer, close the cover and start your printer device by connecting the power cable
  • If it doesn't displays the error message, clean the printer cartridge and set up it back and print a test page


After you have completed the process of Dell printer error by following all the above guidelines, the issues must be solved. If it remains unfixed, you should contact Dell Printer Technical Support Number and solve the issue quickly. Their customer support experts are accessible 24*7 to look into the issue and fix it ASAP

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