How to synchronize Google calendar with outlook

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Gmail makes to be a platform which is widely preferred for its enhanced mail oriented applications. Since its existence, it has been a integral mail platform for millions of users worldwide. Gmail ensures to bring only latest and advanced applications and thus it is so widely used.

When user wishes to obtain best mailing services, they only prefer gmail over other available platforms. The mail oriented approach of gmail makes it unique when compared to other platform. It is no wrong to say that gmail is user’s platform and this is because of the user oriented and user friendly applications that it brings for its users. It is because of this reason that using gmail is a wonderful experience but in case of issues, users may obtain easy help with Gmail contact number.


For its users gmail brings in useful services. Even when gmail is a mail specific platform, it ensures to offer other services as well right with the mail account. Gmail brings in effective services of contacts and calendar so that users can manage their information and events easily.


Importing Google calendar into Outlook is also a useful feature of gmail. It allows users to check other calendars as well alongside mailing with gmail. Users can do this in order to keep imported Google Calendar up-to-date. For this, users need to subscribe to the Google Calendar in Outlook.


To sync your Google Calendar with Outlook you need to subscribe to it. You can follow the step-by-step instructions to do so:


  1. Sign in to your gmail account and then to your Google Calendar account by clicking on My calendars option.
  2. Now hover over calendar to add to Outlook as an Internet Calendar Subscription to select the Settings.
  3. Now scroll down to get to the Integrate Calendar section, right-click on the secret address in iCal format, and then select Copy.
  4. In your Outlook program, go to File, then Account Settings. If you need help for this contact Gmail helpline number UK
  5. Click the New option on the Internet Calendars tab and then paste the address which you have copied in Step 3. Now Click Add.
  6. Now get to Folder Name box, and here type the name of the calendar you wish to appear in Outlook and then click OK.
  7. Now, when you will start your Outlook program, it will check the Google Calendar for updates. You can then download the changes accordingly.


With these easy steps one can easily synchronize Google calendar with outlook but in case this is problematic and one needs to obtain easy help for the same, they may contact Gmail support number.

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