How to verify Email id and mobile number in yahoo

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If you have issues while verifying email Id and Mobile Number, You can take direct help from Yahoo Experts @ Yahoo help Number 0800-098-8424. Our experts guide each and every step to resolve your yahoo issues.

The value of email really has helped shape our world of business. Millions are also used for personal use not only for business purposes, but also for email services. Yahoo Mail is one of the world's oldest, most trustworthy and reliable email service providers for both professional and personal use.


Yahoo is a famous mail platform famous among its users because it brings in some of the really useful applications for its users. All these applications are wonderful and can be easily used right at yahoo mail account. They are user friendly applications which are easy to use and in case of issues, users may get help with yahoo contact number.


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Many new features and improvements were implemented and incorporated into Yahoo in recent years with the advancement in technology. Taking into account the high risk of hacking and other threats online, Yahoo mail provides security mechanisms for users such as two-step checks and account recovery options. While a two-stage test helps avoid unauthorized access to your account, recovery tools allow you to restore your account should someone hack you. 


Follow the steps below to find out how to do this.


  1. Go to your Yahoo Mail and sign in to your account.
  2. In the top right corner of the Yahoo Mail tab, click on your Profile Name and pick Account Information option.
  3. Choose Account security tab under Account info. You are allowed to enter your password again. You will be sent to the Account security Window until you confirm your password.
  4. You can receive the Add Phone Recovery and Add Email address on this page. Press Add phone number recovery option and enter in the requested window your phone number and press Send sms.
  5. Next on your phone number, you will receive a verification code. Only type it in the window below and press the Check button to successfully sign. Repeat your email address in the Yahoo email account in the same process.
  6. In addition, if you want to allow a double check on your Yahoo Mail account, the same procedure must be followed.
  7. Clicking the slider next to the two-stage verification button opens a new window where the call number is requested to verify as in step 4. To successfully trigger two-stage verification, follow the on-screen instructions.
  8.  Now, when you or somebody tries to sign up from a new device to your account, the person has to verify that they truly own a mobile phone number through verification code.


This makes it easy adding emails Id and mobile number in yahoo and in case you need help for this, contact yahoo helpline number uk.


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