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If you face a problem related to forgotten passwords or hacked mail account, contact AOL customer service number.

In the mid-1990s, AOL was a front leader on the Internet. It was one of the most well-known web brands in the US.  It was originally a dial-up service for millions of Americans. Then, It became a web portal, to emails, to instant messages, and at last a web browser as well. AOL mail is really a secure platform, and therefore, this is the main reason why many big companies and enterprises prefer exchanging emails on this platform. 


AOL offers an incredible email service called AOL Mail. This AOL mail enables one to communicate easily with your friends, colleagues in a secure way. AOL is better known for its user-friendly nature and well organized interface.  AOL brings in amazing services for its users and this is the reasons why it is widely used but in case of issues, one may contact AOL customer service number.


AOL brings in various features other than receiving and sending an email, AOL mail also has some other services in its box.


These services are


  1. news headlines,
  2. search engine,
  3. gaming services,
  4. Trending videos and many more. 


If you face any issue with any of these services you have option to find easy help with AOL Contact number.


AOL mail has many features and some of them are listed here. Have a look:


AOL is used across the globe and has several built-in features with a wide range of outstanding services.


  1. AIM feature of AOL mail: AIM aka AOL Instant Messaging has an instant messaging service with the help of which you can connect directly with your family and friends. Receive and send messages fast by configuring AIM messenger. Find the assistance of technical experts if you have any issues related to the mail. The specialists are available 24/7 to help their users configure AIM if you need help, you may Contact AOL number.
  2. Calendar and event:  Another pleasant feature combined with your AOL mail is calendar and event. With the help of this feature one can create his own calendar and event entries. This feature help users plan and finish their work on time.
  3. To do Feature of AOL mail: AOL provides a remarkable feature that helps the users to connect and recall tasks in the future.


If you face a problem related to forgotten passwords or hacked mail account, contact AOL customer service number.

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