Useful email search option in AOL mail account

Quick Overview

AIM Mail and AOL Mail's search feature makes it easy to find email messages you've received in the past and more. A few options, like certain senders or subjects, also narrow your search results. AOL is thus a useful platform that enables easy and enhanced mail exchange services and if you need any help for the same contact Aol customer service number.

To find mail in AIM Mail or AOL Mail:


  • Login to your AIM or AOL email account to find mail in AIM Mail or AOL Mail.
  • Click the drop-down arrow to search for mail.
  • Select Mail to check the email messages portion.
  • Select Subject to scan in the subject line for words or phrases.
  •  To check unique senders or receivers, pick from / to.
  • Type the word, phrase or email address to search for and press the Search button to search for related messages in all email folders. In the email pane, matching results will appear.
  • Order the results of the quest. Pick the Sort by sender from moving to sort. Select the heading of the question to be sorted alphabetically. To order by year, pick the Year heading. You can filter by folder or attachment as well.
  • For help contact Aol support number uk.


How to scan the AOL Mail Calendar


Search for appointments and the events using the search tool.


  • Click the drop-down arrow of the Scan Mail.
  • Choose a calendar.
  • To search for relevant events in your calendar, type the word or phrase you want to search for and select the Search button. As a selectable list, matching results appear.
  • Sort the results by selecting the appropriate heading by Event, Calendar, Date, or Time.
  • Choose the event you would like to open.


You can also use the search feature to locate contacts in AOL Mail.


  • Pick the drop-down arrow for the search mail.
  • Pick Contacts.
  • Type in your contact list the name, title, screen name, or other contact information you want to search for and click the Search button to search for matches. As a selectable list, matching results appear.
  • By selecting the correct heading, order the results by Name, Calendar, Address, or Phone Number.
  • Choose the connection you'd like to create.
  • If you need any help for the same, contact Aol helpline number.

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